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I donít quite understand how
a broken heart can continue on,
Without that vital piece,
the one that is now gone.
In case you start to question
if another could play your role,
Just remember one thing Mom,
only you could make me whole.

No other person could ever provide me
with that unique kind of love,
So continue to look down upon me,
from that place way up above.
You remain the light that guides me,
that shelters me from the cold.
But Iíll always wonder why you left me,
for you were not yet old.

There were so many things left undone
when we were here together.
It could never be the same if
I tried to describe them in a letter.
I pray for the opportunity to have
just one more day or two,
To let go of some regrets I have,
and thank you for being you.

I wish I knew an easier way
to ease my pain and sorrow,
For now I will just hope
that it will lessen come tomorrow.
My love for you grows stronger
with each and every new day,
If you show me where to send it,
I am sure it will find its way.

Before I say good-bye to you,
there is just one more little thing;
You have given my life meaning,
and whatever tomorrow may bring,
I will work to make you proud Mom,
yearn to see you smile.
That is my promise to you Mom,
but please understand it may take awhile.


- www.unikyu.com

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