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When the Angels Come
- by Laxgirl


Should the angels call for her
Much sooner than you planned
Don't feel you played a part in it,
Just try to understand

You gave her joy in times you had
And although her stay was brief
You'll have her lovely memories
As solace for your grief

She searched the world for meaning
For a way to soothe her soul
But all she found was misery
And could no longer see the goal

A childhood of innocence
A spirit torn apart
She had nothing left to guide her on
She was tortured from the start

The pain sunk in so deep, so sharp
Why should she continue on
The only way for her to be free
Is to feel comfort though she's gone

Don't suffer cause her stay was short
Don't mourn her while she's dead
She never promised she could stay
She had to move on ahead

The angels came to take her hand
She no longer felt any fear
She knew her time had come to go
And for you she cried a tear

Realize she is now at home
Where peace is all she knows
Where no harm could ever come to her
No matter where she goes

She'll watch over you as angels do
She'll forever be in your heart
She'll comfort you and bring you joy
And then you'll never be apart...

- by Laxgirl 

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