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-by Daone101

It is said that smiles are contagious
But I say, "So are you."
This might seem outrageous
But, I was 'broken' until I met you.
Shut off from the world as in my poem "Wings,"
Your heart called my name and mine began to sing.
It won't sing a symphony or an orchestra hit.
It sings with the angels for the Lord it is with.
I bask in your beauty even when you are not around.
The Lord brought us together, so let's make him proud.
We will honor and glorify the Lord in all we do.
If is wasn't for him, honestly what would we do?
He has brought us through past and present
To ensure there is a future for us.
Joined hand in hand, in God we trust.
Though deaf by our fears, blind by all the lies,
We hear the words unsaid; what we see makes us cry.
Although we can't touch, we feel all the time.
I'm glad that I died to be born again
Because if I only 'died' we wouldn't even have been friends.
At least if I drop now, I know I will find you in the end.
I shut people out, but for you my heart searched.
I thought I was nothing, but the Lord knew me before birth.
Maybe when he made me, he gave you my rib.
He took care of us from babies; his arms is our crib.
I may not be called Adam, nor you called Eve
But as long as we have the Lord, we will succeed.
You know the way to my heart; the Lord has the key.
If he gives you his blessing, then together we will be.
You will know if you have it,
Because an angel will come unto thee.

Written on the 14th of February 2007 not for the day, but for "the day" in dedication to someone whom both the Lord and I hold dear in our hearts.


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