Jesus Verbo, No Sustantivo
Ricardo Arjona
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(hablando) <<Ayer, Jesús afinó mi guitarra y agudizó mis sentidos, Me inspiró, Papel y lápiz en mano apunto la canción y me negué a escribir,

(Spoken) Yesterday, Jesus tuned my guitar and sharpened my senses; he inspired me.  Paper and pencil in hand I planned out the song and I refused to write

Porque hablar y escribir sobre Jesús es redundar, sería mejor actuar,

Because to speak and to write about Jesus would be to go in circles; it would be better to take some action.

 Luego, Algo me dijo que la única forma de no redundar es decir la verdad, Decir que a Jesús le gusta que actuemos, no que hablemos,

Then something told me that the only way to not be superfluous is to tell the truth; To say that Jesus wants us to act, not just speak;

Decir que Jesús es más que cinco letras formando un nombre,  Decir que Jesús es verbo, no sustantivo.

To say that Jesus is action and movement, not five letters that make up a name.  To say that Jesus is a verb and not a noun.>>

Ricardo begins to sing...

  Jesús es más que una simple y llana teoría, ¿Qué haces hermano leyendo la Biblia todo el día?

Jesus is more than a plain and simple theory; What are you doing brother reading the Bible all day?

 Lo que ahí esta escrito se resume en amor, vamos ve y practícalo, Jesús hermanos
míos es verbo, no sustantivo.

What is written there is summed up in love, come on go see and practice it. Jesus my brothers is a verb not a noun.

Jesús es mas que un templo de lujo con
tendencia barroca, El sabe que total a la larga
esto no es mas que roca,

Jesus is more than a luxurious temple with Barroque features. He knows that in the very end this is nothing more than just a rock.

 La iglesia se lleva en el alma y en los actos no se te olvide, Que Jesús hermanos míos es verbo, no sustantivo.

The church you carry in your soul and in your actions don't you forget that. Jesus my brothers is a verb not a noun.

Jesús es más que un grupo de señoras de muy negra conciencia, Que pretenden ganarse el cielo con club de beneficencia,

Jesus is more than a group of ladies with really black conscience. Who try to gain access to heaven with a charity club.

Si quieres tú ser miembro activa tendrás que presentar a la directiva, Tu cuenta de ahorros en Suiza y vínculos oficiales.

If you want to become an active member you will have to present to the director; your Switz savings account and official papers

 <<Ricards departs from the lyrics here and adlibs on on the video, singing directly to the women in the audience.  The red arrows will indicate the next lines he sings..>>

Jesús es más que persignarse hincarse y hacer de esto alarde, El sabe que quizá por dentro la conciencia les arde,

Jesus is more than making the sign of the cross, kneeling and making a big show of all this.  He knows that perhaps inside their conscience is burning them.

Jesús es más que una flor en el altar salvadora de pecados, Jesús hermanos míos es verbo, no sustantivo.  Jesús hermanos míos es verbo, no sustantivo.

Jesus is more than a flower on the altar, the savior from sins.  Jesus my brothers is a verb not a noun.

  Jesús convertía en hechos todos sus sermones, Que si tomas café es pecado dicen los mormones,

Jesus converted into deeds all his sermons.  If you drink coffee it is a sin say the Mormons.

Tienen tan poco que hacer que andan
inventando cada cosa, Jesús hermanos
míos es verbo, no sustantivo.

They have so little to do that they go about inventing each little thing.  Jesus my brothers is a verb not a noun.

<<Ricardo skipped this part on video>>

Jesús no entiende por qué en el culto le aplauden, Hablan de honestidad sabiendo
que el diezmo es un fraude,

Jesus doesn't understand why in cults they applaud him.  They speak of honesty knowing that tithes are a fraud.

A Jesús le da asco el pastor que se hace rico con la fe, Jesús hermanos míos es verbo, no sustantivo

Jesus is disgusted by the pastor who makes himself rich using faith.  Jesus my brothers is a verb not a noun.

<<Ricardo picked up here on the video>>

  De mi barrio la más religiosa era doña Carlota, Hablaba de amor al prójimo y me poncho cien pelotas,

From my neighbourhood the most religious was Dona Carlota.  She was always speaking of love and in the next breath she would pummel me.

 Desde niño fui aprendiendo que la religión
no es más que un método, Con el título prohibido pensar que ya todo está escrito.

Since my childhood, I had begun to learn that religion is nothing more than a way of being; with entitlement to think that everything is already written.

<<Ricardo adlibs here on video - special dedication to his Chilean audience>>

  Me bautizaron cuando tenía 2 meses y a mi
no me avisaron, Hubo fiesta piñata y a mi,
ni me preguntaron,

They christened me when I was only 2 months old and me, they didn't even tell me.  There was a party, piñata and me, they didn't even ask me.

Bautízame tu Jesús, por favor así entre amigos,
Se que odias el protocolo hermano mío.

Baptize me Jesus... you...  please, just like this between friends.  I know that you despise protocol, my dear brother.

Señores no dividan la fe las fronteras son
para los países, En este mundo hay más religiones que niños felices,

People, don't divide up the faith, borders are for two countries.  In this world there are more religions than happy children.

Jesús pensó "Me haré invisible para que todos mis hermanos, Dejen de estar hablando tanto de mí y se extiendan la mano."

Jesus thought, "I will make myself invisible so that all of my brothers, will stop talking so much about me and extend a hand to each other.

Jesús eres el mejor testigo del amor que
te profeso, Tengo la conciencia tranquila por eso no me confieso,

Jesus you are the best witness of the love that I profess.  I have a peaceful conscience that is not why I am confessing.

Rezando dos padres nuestros el asesino no revive a su muerto, Jesús hermanos míos es verbo, no sustantivo.

Praying to our two fathers, the killer doesn't bring his victim back to life.  Jesus my brothers is a verb, not a noun.

Jesús no bajes a la tierra quédate allá arriba, Todos lo que han pensado como tú hoy están boca arriba,

Jesus, don't descend to the earth; stay there up above.  All those that have thought as you do today are face up. 

Olvidados en algún cementerio, de equipaje sus ideales, Murieron con la sonrisa en los labios, Porque fueron verbo y no, sustantivo.

Forgotten in some cemetery, their ideals their accompaniment.  They died with a smile on their lips.  Because they were verbs, and not nouns. (possible interpretation: action & not matter)

Editions Musicales (1997)

Source of the video clip.




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Ricardo Arjona is a popular Guatemalan singer/songwriter who expresses his political conscience. He has sold over 12 millions records with gold and platinum hits, has won numerous music competitions, acts, writes and paints.  Ricardo has "won two Grammy Awards from three nominations: The 2007 Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album and the 2006 Latin Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Album, both for his album Adentro, (2005)."

Ricardo "spent some time as a teacher at a rural primary school, where he reputedly said he spent three hours giving lessons and the rest of the day playing football" thought it turned out that a representative sent to investigate found "the students' level of education was actually above average."

"He was also "a talented basketball player, and he played for the team Leones de Marte. He also toured Central America as a member of the Selección de básquetbol de Guatemala; until recently he held the record for the most points scored in a single game by a Guatemalan player."

"Although he initially enrolled in architecture and engineering subjects, he eventually graduated with a degree from the School of Communication Sciences at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC). At USAC there is a library hall that bears his name. There is also a street named for him in his birthplace, Jocotenango, Guatemala."

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