Good Evening Heartache
- from "Tokyo Rabu Sutori"(Tokyo Love Story)
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Song info: (1991)

From Japanese Television series "Tokyo Rabu Sutori" which was written by Fumi Saimon

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"Tokyo Love Story was written by Fumi Saimon. Saimon's simply drawn stories, based on actual experiences of Japanese young people in the big city, were published in 1990 in four volumes of graphic novels. Avoiding both suspended relationship comedy and sex, Tokyo Love Story shows the relationships between two men and three women, who must realistically balance their love with their jobs, private lives and personal problems. Many of the tales center on Rika, who grew up abroad, and whose spontaneity and genuineness make her stand out among fellows more concerned with social manners. The twentysomething urban professionals of the series face a tightrope of coping that young people in many Asian cities have faced, but rarely more sympathetically.

In 1991 Tokyo Love Story was made into a prime-time TV drama (a genre much less melodramatic, and much more respected, in Japan). To make it more acceptable to family audience, character of Rika was "softened" in the TV. Yet the basic philosophy of simplicity in story was generally preserved. After its incredible success--it was the biggest hit that Spring--an onslaught of live-action TV shows based on comics were made, including several more based on other work by Fumi Saimon. Even Saimon's essays have become bestsellers. " (Source)




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