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Elda Viler

Looking for the lyrics or at the very least a synopsis of the elements of the song.  So that others can share in the Elda experience.

Please help to fill in the missing information. 
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Jera's Pick! 
Up Close and Personal:

Elda Viler    (DOB - ?)

An amazingly rich and melodious voice accompanied by the music and lyrics of true masters are the making of a truly revered artist,  Elda Viler!

Elda Viler is very popular Slovene singer. She was born in Kras, Slovenia where she was also grew up. Her most productive years and the time when experienced her greatest celebrity was during the 1960's and 70's"

Her songs are the creations of some of the best composers such as  Mojmir Sepe, Ati Soss and Jure Robeznik. The lyrics were again written by the best poets the likes of the famous Gregor Strnisa and Elza Budau.

Apparently Elda Viler appeared on a television show called "Jugovizija" in 1975(1). Do you know more about this show and her role there?

Genre:  Slovene music ??

Please help to fill in the missing information.  Thank you.

Source: [1]

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