The Fat Lady Sings, Nick Kelly

shine like an arclight
sing like a bird might sing
when he was higher than heaven
higher than every other thing
some kind of arclight
sparks in the street
i know that you've no answers
all i need is for you to shine

shine like an arclight
like i want you to shine
i know that you've nobody
and i know that you're not mine
but the light that you are
and the light you can be
is the only thing i want
the only light i can see

you don't have to know the words
and you don't have to know the rules

you just shine in the morning like the sun
burn like a candle in the night
shine like a book that's never been read
burn like a saint who knows he's right
shine like a shard of glass
on the forest ground
when you shine you know
you burn me down

well i don't wear no chains
i've got no cross to bear
and i'm as free as the wind
i'm as free as the old
i am as cold as the dawn
and i'm as lost as you are
you are my only law

you don't have to know the words
and you don't have to know the rules
and you never had to speak


down, down, down
you burn me down

Fourth Base Records (1986/1989)

(Written by Nick Kelly )

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Up Close and Personal:

The  Fat  Lady   Sings (Band)
Recording Artists

"This band [is] one of the best kept secrets of the past 20 years"

The Fat Lady Sings, an Irish band that delighted their audience in the 80's and 90's before splitting up in 1994, is released their retrospective album, proving once again that it ain't over till the fat lady sings!

"The Fat Lady Sings was formed in Dublin in March 1986. Fronted by singer and songwriter Nick Kelly, the initial line-up also comprised Robert Hamilton (drums), Dave Sweeney (guitars) and Finbarr O’Riordan (bass)....

... they never recorded a demo – five months after forming their first visit to a recording studio produced “Fear And Favour”.... “Fear And Favour” brought the band immediate critical attention from the English music press.  In March 1988 their second independent single, “Be Still” was released on Harbour Sound Records, once again to critical acclaim. By this time, following various shifts in personnel, the band’s classic line-up was firmly established, with Nick and Robert now joined by Dermot Lynch (bass) and guitar player and multi-instrumentalist Tim Bradshaw. In October 1989, The Fat Lady Sings released their third single “Arclight” on their own Fourth Base Record label. The critical and public interest in this song, and for the band’s follow-up single “Dronning Maud Land” (released January 1990), together with the enormous live following that they’d build up in both Ireland and the UK (they sold out both the National Stadium in Dublin and the Town & Country Club in London, an unprecedented feat for an unsigned band)."

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Genre: Rock, Alternative, Indie

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Up Close and Personal:

Nick Kelly    (D.O.B. unknown)

Awarding winning singer/songwriter, lead vocalist, broadcaster, film  producer/director scores for Ireland!

" Nick Kelly, award-winning singer and songwriter, is known both for his former life as frontman with acclaimed Irish band The Fat Lady Sings and as a defiantly independent solo artist. His second solo album, Running Dog is released on his own Self Possessed record label, and was nominated as one of the Irish albums of the year at the inaugural Choice Music Prize music critics awards March 2006."

"He's been described as A God by Hot Press Magazine, and his new album Running Dog as exquisite (Classic Rock), strong, surprising and intelligently written, one of the best this year (Americana-UK) and worth a hundred bloodless acoustic guitar-wielding crooners (Drowned In Sound)."


Genre: Rock, Alternative, Indie

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