Bits and Pieces

A monthly mixture of horse sense and common sense about working with people.

I came across this publication back in 1995 and thought... Wow!  Funny, intelligent, and inspirational, all in a very small 24 page 4X6... hmmm... was that a 3X5 tiny bundle?  Really thought that I would subscribe, but alas, I never did... Hmmm... Procrastination comes to  Anyhoos, I see that it is still around... Came across it on the Net.  Now they say it is Motivational Stories for Managers and Leaders , and I for one wholeheartedly agree.  Just had to share from the issues that I actually have on hand.  Let's start with February 2, 1995.
So if it's laughter you looking for, a little motivation or some odd bits of trivia... Bits and Pieces is certainly the right stop. Alls you gotta do is CLICK... Next :o)



Bits & Pieces was published every four weeks by the The Economics Press in New Jersey, USA.  Excepts are offered here to friends to share the insight and humour and is not used in any way for profit.   Visit World Data  for ordering information.