There are two clips available for viewing, one of a simple ceremony held in a friend's  home with much love, and the other is Greg and Dan's story.  If you haven't watched their OVER THE TOP commitment ceremony compliments of Merv Griffiths production, the link can be found on the Chronicles page ... or you can go right ahead and  CLICK on the top layer of the cake to see Lupe and Sonja's wedding.  Click on the other cake for additional scenes from Dan and Gregg's story...    Enjoy!

  From “Will you marry me” to “I do,” same-sex unions are the subject of “Gay Weddings,” Bravo’s original reality miniseries. Exploring the trials and tribulations faced by four gay couples as they plan and put together their dream weddings, “Gay Weddings” examines what happens when gays and lesbians decide to tangle with tradition and walk down the aisle.

“Gay Weddings” showcases four very different couples over five months of planning, dreaming, fighting and forgiving as they wade through their own anxieties and excitement and contend with the attitudes and reactions of others. With four disparate settings: a private backyard wedding in the high desert, a tropical beach party in Puerto Vallarta, an elegant deco restaurant affair, and a Hollywood extravaganza, "Gay Weddings" chronicles the roller-coaster ride that is wedding planning from a decidedly non-traditional point of view.

“Gay Weddings” is produced by Evolution Film & Tape Inc. in association with Bravo. Kirk Marcolina and Douglas Ross created the miniseries which is executive produced by Douglas Ross, Greg Stewart and Kathleen French for Evolution and Christian Barcellos and Amy Introcaso-Davis for Bravo.


Interesting Note: Dan and Gregg are close personal friends and business associates of Rosie O'Donnell. Dan is a rather successful hollywood businessman and since the taping, Gregg has given up his post at a travel agency to partner with Rosie and Kelli in R Family Vacations which has taken its virgin cruise to the Bahamas during the summer.

Graphics  and programme description from Bravo's Gay Weddings webpage.  It appears that another season has also been scheduled


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Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lyn Michaels
Publicity photo- Melissa and Tammy Etheridge

Celebrity Weddings times 3

Going to the chapel and we are gonna get married... T'is the season for tying the knot. 

  •  Melissa Etheridge & Tammy Lynne Michaels,

  •  Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter,

  • Gregg & Dan's (Rosie's R Family Partners') Amazing Hollywood wedding

  • (Click on the links to see video clips of the weddings.)

    Vol 1, Issue #1 of Unique U Chronicles