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Part 3 - Revelations

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rolleyes.gif As the moonlight reflected on the remaining cover of snow, a shadow of a woman was seen by Peaches. She was terrified because the woman was bringing a knife and trying to squeeze in by one of the windows, she is now shaking and trying to move away from her bed. At the other room, Aunt Bette was walking towards the bathroom as she spotted Peaches who looked so scared and asked her what happen. Peaches was looking at the window without saying a word and tears started pouring from her eyes.
Aunt Bette hugged her and trying to console her dear niece, suddenly, there was the noise of a broken jar from the outside of the house that splattered in a quiet winter night. Peaches felt the goose bumps all over her body and Aunt Bette is now frighten but trying to compose her self.

blowkiss.gif happybday2.gif happybday2.gif

- Frosty Pooh



Suddenly, a great explosion sounded as the door to Peaches' room was thrown wide open. Bertie ran past Peaches and Bette straight towards the woman in the window. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE COMPLETELY MAD TO THINK I WOULDN'T KNOW OF YOUR PRESENCE ON THE GROUNDS!!," Bertie yelled as he grabbed the woman and tossed her across the room in a rage. Peaches was trembling. Aunt Bette pulled her close and they curled into a ball in the middle of the bed. The woman, still determined, lunged at Bertie in an effort to pierce his leg with the cold, sharp blade of what looked like the military knives Peaches had seen the soldiers in town carry.


"SILENCE WOMAN!!," Bertie's face was now contorted into a crimson mask of pure infuriation and adrenaline. He grabbed the woman by her wrist and slapped her so hard across her face, Peaches thought that her head would surely spin around with the force.

Tears streamed uncontrollably down her face and her heart pounded as if a bass drum was beating from within her chest. Peaches tried to call out, "Father!!!!," but she had no voice. All she could do was hold her knees tightly and stare in terror as the woman advanced again.

"BETTE! GET HER OUT OF HERE!," Bertie commanded his sister just as the woman pulled her arm back and ran towards him. "NOW!!"

In a flash, Aunt Bette grabbed Peaches, and made a run for the door. "FATHER!!!" Peaches had hardly any time to right herself from falling off the bed before she was dragged halfway to the dark hallway. Guards who had heard the commotion were rushing up the stairs now. The last thing Peaches saw was the woman plunging her knife into her father's chest and the guards running in with guns drawn. "FATHER!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!," and the door slammed shut.


In the room down the hall, Maude rolled over and placed her head on Bertie's shoulder. "Josh, do you really think the boys are going to survive all this?"

"Katy, darling, I don't want to fill you with false hope, but I believe that everyone knows what needs to be done." Bertie turned, and stroked his wife's hair affectionately, "You know that Ethan, Charles, and Thomas are better off where they are. They are so much older that if we moved them around too much, people would become suspicious."

"I know, Josh, but I miss them so, and they have grown into such fine young men. What if they never forgive us for our actions?"

"Not to worry, hon. They are also very intelligent, and will be able to adjust to the truth once we're able to tell them everything."

Maude sighed, "Do you see how close they are?"

"The boys?"

"No, Bette and ---"

"Peaches?" Bertie gently chided.

"Yes, Peaches. They have such a connection. Sometimes I don't think I'll be able to adjust." Maude closed her eyes, thinking to herself, "Four children, and none of them are truly mine."


Peaches jumped up in a cold sweat. "HEEELLLPPPPPP!!!!!!"

- LadyNikk



"It just seems so real, Aunt Bette!" Peaches exclaimed as she opened the refrigerator door and reached in for the milk. "Every single time! Oh Aunt Bette, when will these nightmares end?!"

"Oh sweetheart, I know," the dark-haired woman soothed her, her voice exuding heartfelt compassion as she continued to knead the dough for the biscuits with her expert hands.

Bette was more concerned about last night's turn of events than she dare to let on; Peaches' nighttime scares seemed to have come back in full force after such a long hiatus. It had been about 5 years since the young girl had had her last episode, then suddenly during the last week, they had reappeared. Bette recalled that night before the first snow of the season just days ago when she had found Peaches in the yard clawing at the almost solid ground, digging away with bare hands until she had created an eerie crater in the front lawn. The next morning, the girl had had no recollection of those moments of frenzy, but Aunt Bette had not forgotten. She had looked out at that mound that had seemed so conspicuous, so undesirable in the otherwise flat outline of the snowy landscape, and that morning as they had prayed together, she had done nothing but remember.

"Peaches, don't forget we will need some grated cheese and some of that sweet pickled relish. Oh, and while you are at it, hand me some cucumbers, will you please? Yes, we'll make some delicious night befores to chase away those silly dreams!" Bette added with a bright smile that did the good work of imparting sunshine to her young companion's face.

"Oh Aunt Bette, how do you do that?" Peaches bumped her aunt's shoulder playfully as she deposited the ingredients for her favourite breakfast dish on the counter. "You always seem to know just the right thing to say! I love you!"

"I love you too, sweetheart. Of course, I would know what to say to my baby girl to chase the blues away."

Maude's trembling hand, overcome by disappointment and sadness, slowly slid down the slippery door frame as her face flushed and a silent tear coursed down her cheek. She was about to enter the kitchen when those misfortunate eyes of hers had chanced to take in the warm exchange and the tender embrace that the two had then shared. As that scene had unfolded before her, a frozen moment that for Maude reeked of maternal love, she knew that her worst fears had been confirmed. It was really true; her little girl was her little girl no more.

~ Aria


It was nice to watch Bette how she creates night befores. They are always different and always delicious. Peaches saw her mum observing Bette with admiration but with a hint of something else, which Peach couldn’t identify. Maude offered help and Bette asked her if she would want to chop up chives and a few walnut halves.

“Bertie, please, would you be so kind as to set the table? I remember that you are master at that!” Bette looks at Maude and adds, “If the table is not prepared nicely then better choice is to skip the breakfast!”

Peaches observed them. It was obvious that she is deep in her thoughts. She was proud of her auntie as if her auntie’s great skills would be her merit too. Maybe they even are. Then an odd thought came to her mind.

“Who among them I love the most? Shouldn't that one be a mum or daddy and not auntie? Is it not right and only normal that all children love their parents the most?”

She looked as though she were dreaming with her eyes wide open. Her thoughts became more and more uncomfortable.

"What if one of them would need to die? What if I have to choose between them, which one I would pick? No, no, no, I don’t want such thoughts! I don’t want to think such things. Never again! But they just appear from somewhere with no reason against my will! Will ask auntie how I can avoid such difficult thoughts?”

Even if she pushed those thoughts away, she knew that deep down in her heart she could not avoid them so she needs to answer all those uncomfortable questions. She needs to find good solution for such dilemmas if she ever would find herself in such a situation. For now only one bad solution she knows.
No matter how difficult her thoughts were, on the surface she seemed peaceful when her father awoke her from her daydreams.

“Peaches, would you be my chief assistant for decorating the table?"

- Jera


wink.gif Peaches smiled and as she walked halfway to help her father, curtains started to sway and wind just blew so hard that it slammed the door by the dining room. Peaches is now shaking as her eyes widened and became reddish. Joshua ran towards her and tried to hold her but Peaches resisted, she began to scream and cried. Her father was so anxious to know what's happening to her daughter, as Aunt Bette walk, while Maude ran to rescue her daughter, Bette just told them that it's her third eye that always bothered her serenity. She can see future scenes, feels spirits from other world, be a spiritual medium and moved things with her mind.

Joshua shouted to Bette and said:WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

Aunt Bette is pondering....ahhh this happen when we went to see a gypsy and at the same time fortune teller back in Ecuador, I had my conference in food globalization and I brought her with me to observe my work. My peers told me that there was one good gypsy in Quito and we have to go before we leave Ecuador. We were so excited about our future so everybody went with us to see her. When we were at the hall, waiting for our turn, Peaches vanished from nowhere, I kept on looking for her but I can't locate her. I was so worried that I have to tell the gypsy I have to cancel my appointment. As I went to her room, I saw Peaches uttering words I can't understand, only the person in front of the gypsy understood her, I was mesmerized and I just observed what was happening, the person in front of her talked the way she talks and after that she just collapsed. I was so afraid that I took her to the nearby medical clinic and the doctor just told me that she was just in trance. Nothing happen to her except a spirit went inside her body. I can't believe that the spirit went inside her body, then all of a sudden, I was surprised because the gypsy was beside me and thanking me for what Peaches had done to the family of her client. From that day on Peaches has nightmares, dreams as if it was real and moved cups on top of the the table.

Everybody was listening to Bette when the door was slammed again so hard for the second time and Peaches cried for HELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!

blowkiss.gif happybday2.gif  - Frosty Pooh


“My baby!”

Maude’s fretful cry trailed behind her as she headed through the pantry towards the half-opened back door through which the icy winter’s wind had made a quick entry and had already initiated its wicked artic assault on her bare arms and legs.

“Peaches! Peaches!” the other woman cried out in chorus.

Bette, having already experienced this kind of thing in the dead of a winter’s night, quickly made her way to the entry hall to retrieve much needed protection. She grabbed the couple’s and Peaches' coats from the ornate hooks, hastily flung her wrap over her shoulder, and snatched the woolen throw from the sofa which she draped over her shoulder as she rushed back to the kitchen.


Although burdened down by all the winter gear, Bette did manage to draw her brother’s attention, and she threw him his camel hair overcoat just as he was about to make an exit through the back door which by now was fully ajar.

“Bette, what the devil is going on here?!” Bertie called back to her in a voice riddled with anxiety, concern and disbelief as he quickly made his way down the steps, hauling on his coat as he went.

“Oh Bertie. I .. Oh, let’s just go find Peaches before she does herself any harm. Shall we?”

In deference to the slippery ground below them, they both raced along the side of the house hot on the trail of footprints left in the snow. Maude was just breaking the corner of the house when she spotted Peaches on the front lawn. The girl was shaking violently.

Peaches' eyes and mind were focused on the frozen ground. She just knew she had to get him out alive.

~ Aria.


The three adults stood in frozen amazement as Peaches dropped to her knees next to the mound in the snow. Her eyes were wild and her hands moved at a fervored pace as she plunged them into the blanket of snow. Peaches' body was shaking, yet it seemed as if it was not the cold that had an effect on her, but something else. Digging, digging, digging. The girl clawed at the snow uncontrollably. Within seconds, Peaches had formed a small pile of snow and loose dirt, and was now pounding her fists against the hard-packed soil that had formed soon after the weather started to turn.

"Father preserve us," Bette whispered while she clutched her wrap more tightly around her shoulders.

"We must do something!" Maude whispered in reply, too shocked to move.

"Bette. What is this about?" Bertie questioned his sister. He had seen something like this before, both of them had, but it had been so long ago. Someone else they both knew very well also suffered from spells such as this.

"I'm here! I'll save you!" Peaches' cries became more and more high pitched and urgent as she kept repeating those reassurances over and over. "I'm here! I'll save you! I'm here! I'll save you!" The more she cried out, the more she pounded and clawed at the immovable soil. Tears began to stream down her face, and Peaches appeared to be sweating which was quite unusual given the temperature was well below zero. Blood began to show. A crimson red splashed against the pure white snow. Peaches' knuckles were bruised and bleeding, and her fingers were turning blue. Totally oblivious to the condition of her hands, Peaches continued to execute her rescue mission.

"That's enough, Bette! We must stop her!" Maude exclaimed. "She'll bleed to death if she keeps this up!"

"More likely she'll catch hypothermia first," Bertie pointed out more matter-of-fact than concerned. He turned to Bette, "You cover her up, and I'll grab her hands," the plan was set. On the count of three, the brother and sister quickly approached Peaches, catching her off guard.

"I've got to save him! He's going to die! They buried him, but he's not dead!" Peaches kicked and screamed as Bertie carried her back towards the house and into the kitchen. "Murderers!!! You're all murderers! You're letting him die!"

"She's going into shock." Maude stood in the now closed doorway staring at her precious daughter while she tried to fight off the other two adults. "Do something. Please,do something."

"There's nothing that can be done, Maude. We have to allow Peaches to bring herself out of it. If we try to push her to come back, she'll only go deeper into her trance." Even as Bette said those words to Maude, she hoped they weren't too late. They had taken a chance by bringing Peaches in before she finished what she started, but the longer she stayed outside, the less chance she would have at a full physical recovery once she returned to a conscious state.

"Don't worry, darling, Peaches will return to us soon. Listen. She's stopped yelling, and her breathing is slowing down." Bertie was right, the girl had now started to curl into a ball on her father's lap as if she were napping. Her breath slowed to a gentle snore, and Peaches appeared to be sleeping. Bertie carried the now calm girl over into the parlor where he placed her on a couch near the fire. He returned to the kitchen where Maude and Bette were sitting at the table in silence. "She'll be fine now."

"Yes, but what was that?" Maude was still attempting to recover from the events of the past few minutes. "She sounded so urgent and almost petrified."

Bette and Bertie looked at each other. They knew they had to say something, but how do you explain what they just saw without scaring poor Maude any more than she already was? "Should you tell her, Bertie, or shall I?"

Maude sent a questioning look up at the brother and sister, "Tell me what?"

"Well, my darling," Bertie put his large hands over his wife's, "A long time ago, long before we had ever met, there was someone else that Bette and I knew who suffered from the same affliction."

Somewhat bewildered, Maude merely shook her head. "Who? Who do you know that could ever have suffered such terrors, and survived? Where is this person? How did he overcome?"

Bertie stopped his wife, "She."

"She? Well, how did she overcome this, this, horrendous affliction?"

With a sigh, Bertie looked his wife in the eyes, "She didn't. She drove herself mad, and tried to kill me. She was my sister."



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