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Hi y'all,

Had an idea for a writing project and hope you will come join me.

Let's write a story together. Yes! claphead.gif Come come.. Read what we've written, then join in, won't ya?!




Part 1 - Peaches & Bette

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It was the dawn of a new day. Peaches tiptoed to the window, rubbed her bruised hand against the frosty pane of glass and caught a glimpse of the snow quietly falling against the backdrop of the muted colours of the early morning. The lass pressed her face against the ice coated glass as she tried her best to survey the yard; she smiled at the beauty of the ivory landscape. The snow was much deeper than it was the night before, but she could see a suspicious mound jutting up from out of the flatness of the wide front lawn.

Of a sudden, a door creaked and the bright-eyed girl was startled....

~ Aria

laugh.gif A light appeared behind those bald trees and shadows of dawn embraces the sunrise. As the light shines on a brand new day, snow stops to fall and some had melted away. It was all disappointment for her since snow will be gone in a few hours. biggrin.gif claphead.gif

- Frosty Pooh

When she heard the noise, Peaches turned around. Her Aunt Bette was at the door.

She said, “Peaches, we have to go and clear the lawn before the storm comes.”

"What storm?" Peaches asked.

“A blizzard would be soon here. They said that one and a half meters of snow is expected.”

 - Jera

sad.gif Ok Aunt Bette, I will be there in a minute but before going out, can we pray that the blizzard will move away to a different direction that it will go somewhere and stay there for a month. Dad & Mom are arriving today from India and we have to fetch them this afternoon so we really have to pray hard that the blizzard will be out of our place and move away. I am so excited to see Dad & Mom biggrin.gif so let's hurry up to pray. angel2.gif rose.gif

- Frosty Pooh


"Well sweetheart, don't you worry. I am sure your parents will arrive long before the storm gets here."

"Oh yes!" The girl's face beamed as she continued looking dreamily out at the cottony white, "Auntie, Isn't the snow absolutely beautiful?"

Aunt Bette's face was made sunny by a cheery smile. She had been so concerned about Peaches the past few weeks. The young girl had been praying so very hard for her first experience of snow. She had skipped merrily about the yard when the first flakes had appeared, and had definitely stayed out much longer in the cold than was advisable. It caused quite a fuss to get young lassie indoors, but Aunt Bette had not mind.

Well, Peaches had been excited until she learned that her parents' travel plans had been stalled by the very said snow. She had waited so very patiently for her parents' visit that her glee had only been tempered by the unexpected arrival of the snow. In her frustration, Peaches had inadvertently pounded her half frozen hand on the writing desk earning herself a rather nasty bruise. As Aunt Bette tended to the wound, she silently nursed the young woman's disappointment.

"Things will come right in the morning. You will see," the older and wiser woman had offered as a goodnight balm.

With the dawn of a new day, it was clear that spirits had once again been lifted.

"Oh, Aunt Bette, yes, they will arrive in time! But, let's not tempt fate. I think a good morning prayer would be just the thing to keep good fortune on our side. Shall we Aunt Bette?"

The two knelt by the window holding hands.

"Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for the beauties of life and love that you have bestowed upon us. Thank you for the wonderful gift of the cool and precious snow. Dear Father, after experiencing it tickle my nose and the way it makes the yard glisten, I know in my heart that this has to be one of your greatest inventions. Dear Father, please allow Dad and Mom to arrive safely. I miss them so. You know this will be our first meeting in so many years that I actually feel a little nervous about seeing them again. I know you will provide them travel mercies. Oh you had made good on your promise for snow. Father, maybe you will hold that blizzard off just long enough for Dad and Mom to get here and then would you please let it snow, in all its wonderful glory? I know Dad and Mom would be excited for it and I would love to share my new discovery with them. In Jesus name we pray. Amen."


The prayer that they just said was one of the greatest prayer that Peaches & Aunt Bette composed. This was blessed and so snow had stop for a month that it made way for the arrival of Peaches' parents. Peaches was so happy as she walked to Aunt Bette's car ready to go to the airport. Her Dad & Mom can't deny the excitement in them as they went to get their luggage, while Peaches wore a smile in her face as they traveled to the airport and saw that snow was melting, on her mind she was glad since the snow went out of their way. It was a delightful experience for Peaches because snow for her was everybody's dream and she felt the cold cotton that everybody wanted, but had moved away. She was still grateful to feel the passing of the snow.

As they approached the airport, Aunt Bette is finding a place to park while Peaches staring at the bald tree and thinking when can she see another bud from it was distracted by her Mom's call on her cell phone, saying they are at Door 5 of the airport and will be waiting for them. smile.gif


- Frosty Pooh


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