• Unique You?
    What is "Unique You"?

    Unique You is a site that  has been developed to showcase some of the things that make us all special - in our own unique way, of course.

    It  is  a place to share your special interests; to discuss anything that is on your mind; to learn about other languages, religions and cultures; and to be inspired by the music, the poetry,  the videos and self-help  information that our members continually share with each other.

     It's a place where you can just be yourself without fear of judgment, a little place in cyberspace where people can come to stretch their wings and grow.

  • The Library
    The Library
    A Great Place to Start!

    From the Library you can quickly and easily access fun games and tests, funny videos and stories, lyrics and videos for some our favourite tunes, original works of fiction and poetry, amusing reference material and much more!

  • Fun Stuff

    Dive on in and have some fun. Check out our selection of games, tests and funnies. Comment on your favourites! Add some of your own! .

    Fun N' Games
    Fun Tests
    Funny Videos and Stories
  • Music Music
    Lyrical Inspiration
    Our Collection of Timeless Music

    Share your all time favourites and help to build this international library of music. Watch music videos from near and far, learn about the artist, experience the lyrics up close and personal, and make your own contributions!

  • Photos & Travels
    On Your Street
    Photos from around the Globe!

    Check out pictures others have shared from their neck of the woods and from their travels around the world. On each of these pages, you will find additional information such as music, videos, films, television programmes and other information about the country being explored.

  • Our Writing

    Let's explore the writer in you!

    Share your poetry, essays and original stories. Read what others have contributed and check out our interactive group writing project, "Come Write with Me".

    The Poetry Page
    Fiction and Essays
  • Much More!

    Here at Unique You there are many things to see and do. For example, at the forums, you can join discussions about just about any topic and it is also a place to practice your Engish. On a visit to the TV Room you can view self help videos at "Starting Over", have a laugh watching videos of stand up comics, or take some time to see full length films on more serious topics. Click on the sitemap to explore all that Unique You has in store for you... and Enjoy!

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    ... and for much more, check out the Sitemap



Unique You's Multimedia Chatroom will be online soon!