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Instructional & Information Technology


Year:    1998
Production Company:    Yerosha Productions, Inc. in association with Unitel Video, Inc. for Internews Network, Inc.
Producer    French TV producer Patrice Barrat and by Kim Spencer of Internews,
Broadcast Date    March 26th

"In "Vis à Vis : Beyond the Veil ", Sima Daad, an Iranian schoolteacher in Teheran engages in a series of frank conversations with Deborah Whitley, an American teacher living in Washington, D.C. In discussions over a period of five days and through videodiaries they show each other, these women confront the profound social and political differences which have kept their countries at odds."   Source


"Vis à Vis" is a new documentary TV format which is inspired, in part, by the spontaneous interaction and dialogue which are at the heart of the Internet revolution.


The vision for Vis à Vis was to use the latest in digital videoconferenc-ing technology to create a documentary series based on dialogues between individuals, rather than groups, who could not, or would not meet, due to geographical distance or conflict."      Source - Official Website


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Our House Website

Our House photo
I've spent my entire life explaining my family to people who don't get it

Our House: A very real documentary about kids of gay and lesbian parents

What does it mean to grow up with gay and lesbian parents?

It's just like a mon and a dad ...


What does it mean to grow up with two mothers or two fathers instead of a mother and father? What happens when your mother or father leaves a heterosexual marriage for a same sex union? Until recently, these questions rarely, if ever, arose. But today, there are an estimated 2 million gay and lesbian parents raising between 3 and 5 million children. Many of these children were born into heterosexual marriages where a parent has since come out; recently, an increasing number are the adopted or biological children of gay and lesbian singles or couples. Their presence is raising public and private debates in courtrooms, schools and places of worship around the country, offering a new twist to the struggle to define "family values."

OUR HOUSE is a frank, insightful exploration of what it means to grow up with gay or lesbian parents. The one-hour documentary profiles the sons and daughters - ages five to twenty-three years old - in five diverse families who are facing the usual highs and lows of growing up, developing their own feelings about their parents' sexuality, and encountering a wide variety of reactions from relatives, classmates, teachers, and neighbors.


  Part 1          |      Part 2        |     Part 3

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NY Times Review


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Sydney Pollack’s directorial debut deals with a woman, played by Anne Bancroft, who takes an overdose of sleeping pills and calls a crisis clinic for help. A college volunteer (Sidney Poitier) tries to keep her on the phone while a rescue crew attempts to track her down. THE SLENDER THREAD, a moving, emotionally gripping drama, was based on a true story. The film provides room for a moving display of talent from two of Hollywood’s premier actors.

Cast & Crew:
Sidney Poitier, Anne Bancroft, Telly Savalas, Steven Hill, Edward Asner directed by Sydney Pollack  more »

Filmed on location in Seattle, Washington, USA 1965  B/W  1 hr. 38 min.

  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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An Interesting Review


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Is it a Boy or a Girl?

Year:    2000
Production Company:    Ward and Associate, Great Falls, VA,
Cable Broadcast    Discovery Channel
Broadcast Date    March 26th
"This one-hour documentary was nominated for a GLAAD award for Outstanding TV Journalism.

From the moment of birth, everybody wants to know is it a boy or a girl? This question can be complicated when a third option is introduced; one out of every two thousand children in America is born intersexual. Sometimes biology malfunctions and children are born with mixed sexual characteristics, in what is called an intersexual birth.

Many argue that the standard practice of sexual assignment by surgery in infancy should be discontinued giving the intersexual the right to chose or not to chose surgery once that person reaches adolescence. But whatever the surgical choice, intersexuals show us that gender is infinitely more complex than shape of our genitals."

- ISNA (The Intersex Society of North America

Part 1 Part 2


   Topic:  Gender Identity/Sexuality


A wee Review

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Year:    2000
Production Company:    VCA School of Film and Television Australia
Producer:    Nell White more credits
Director:    Lisa Dombroski more credits
Writer:    Lisa Dombroski more credits
Status:    Completed
Duration:    22 mins
Cast:    Kate Oliver, Peter Barron, Sullivan Stapleton

Suz likes animal magnetism in her men. She is on a roller coaster with bad boy Pete. Enter Danny, a chef with a difference. As things go sour with Pete, Danny offers Suz something sweet and a little spicy. Whether Suz is game for Danny's offer is all a matter of taste in this delicious gender-bending comedy drama.


   Topic:  Same Sex Marriage

"MediaLife" Magazine's Review

"People" Magazine Article

"USA  Today " Magazine Article

Gay Weddings

Film #1    Gay Weddings: A Bravo Miniseries
Production Company:    Evolution Film & Tape Inc. in association with Bravo (television productions)

"Gay Weddings” showcases four very different couples over five months of planning, dreaming, fighting and forgiving as they wade through their own anxieties and excitement and contend with the attitudes and reactions of others. With four disparate settings: a private backyard wedding in the high desert, a tropical beach party in Puerto Vallarta, an elegant deco restaurant affair, and a Hollywood extravaganza, "Gay Weddings" chronicles the roller-coaster ride that is wedding planning from a decidedly non-traditional point of view.


Celebrity Weddings

Film #2


Singer Melissa Etheridge 'Weds' Actress Tammy Lynne Michaels

Production Company:


Clip from coverage of wedding shown on Celebrity Weddings: In Style (2005) (TV)




"One of the brides was a rocker and the venue was 'the [oceanside Malibu estate] of rock and roll granddaddy Dick Clark... It was interesting and extremely romantic... Some 150 guests including Steven Spielberg, Cheryl Crowe, Tom Hanks and both brides' mothers lit candles and took turns holding the pair's wedding bands right up until the moment the couple slipped on the rings..." 
    Read the article


Film #3    Comedian Rosie O'Donnell  'Weds' partner Kelli Carpenter

Clip from coverage of court house civil ceremony as  shown on  Barbara Walter's Special with Rosie O'Donnell addressing the public from the court-house steps.

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