Suomi  Kurrila, Finland

Country Quick Facts:(1)

Location: Western Europe
Area: 338,145 sq. km.
Population: 5,246,000
Capital City: Helsinki
(pop. 1,075,000)

Language: Finnish, Swedish
Religion:  Evangelical Lutheran
Currency: euro
Literacy %: 78
Life Expectancy: 100


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Kyösti On Kurrila

"Kurrila is on the southeastern border at the +19 on the attached map. The +21 down on the right is St. Petersburg, a.k.a. Leningrad during last century. The border was close to Leningrad before WW2 but the Maiden of Finland lost part of her skirt (and her right arm, too) to the Russians in the war. I am now in Helsinki, below +22 on the south coast."

"Kurrila is the name of the farm, the main buildings of which are in the aerial picture, and a nickname at that. It dates back to the beginning of the 19th century and comes from the maiden name of my great-great-etc-great grandmother."

Scenes from Kyösti's Kurrila

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"Kurrila is in the rural community of Parikkala."

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