A Mountaineer's  Slovenia

Country Quick Facts:(1)

Location: Central Europe
Area: 20,273 sq. km.
Population: 1,998,000
Capital City: Ljubljana; 256,000
Language: Slovene
Religion:  Roman Catholic, other
Currency: euro
Literacy %: 100
Life Expectancy: 76


Neisha, a popular Slovene pop star
singing "Zaradi Upanja"

Soprano Alenka Gotar singing 
"Cvet z juga" 
("Flower of the south")

2007 Slovene Eurovision Entry
- 7th place winner

And...Experience two Slovene oldies (complete with English translations) ...

Poletna Noč by Marjana Deržaj and

Lastovka by Elda Viler

Jera's Mountain Home

Slovenia is located in Central Europe and is considered to be a natural land bridge between eastern and western Europe. It is located between Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.  Slovenia gained independence in 1991 and was part of the former republic of Yugoslavia..





Jera's Mountain home in Slovenia.  Thanks much for sharing, Jera!

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"Every village has its voice"
- Slovene saying

Slovene "is a beautiful language, as beautiful and unique (spoken by only two million people in the world) as any, but it has a mind-blowing forty-eight dialects, split further into countless sub-groups. There is a Slovenian saying “Every village has its voice,” and this is strikingly true if you travel around the countryside and hear the way people speak at home. Some of these dialects are so different that even the Slovenes can’t understand each other, let alone other Slavic nations... Slovene is one of the last languages left in the world that has retained the dual grammatical number from Proto-Indo-European. Oh, and we those lovely letters like č, ž, š, and best of all, we love to combine them into charming clusters like “škržat” or even “čmrlj”- not a single vowel in it!"  - Helena Marco 'Slovenia Times'(2)


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