New York,  New York, USA

U.S.A. Quick Facts:(1)

Location: North America
Area: 9,826,630 sq. km.
Population: 296,483,000
Capital City: Washington, D.C.; 4,190,000
Language: English, Spanish
Religion:  Protestant, Roman Catholic, Jewish
Currency: U.S. dollar
Literacy %: 97
Life Expectancy: 77


"New York, New York" being sung by
'Old Blue Eyes' Frank Sinatra
With amazing photographs of
'the city that doesn't sleep'.

Louis Armstrong's "Satchmo's"
Wonderful World - Queens, NY

Panoramic views in Queens, NY
The 1964 World Fair

NY state explored!

New York City is one of the most widely recognized names in the world, but did you know that NYC is in the state also called New York and that the capital of New York State is not NYC but Albany? 







Some Scenes from the state & city of New York

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Upstate New York       |     Albany (the Capital of NYS)

By the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, (New York City)

Sunset in Queens, (New York City)   

 Aria's Garden (Queens, New York City)

 Snow in Queens (New York City)

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The World According to New Yorkers!


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