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The Music you hear in the background is Oberkrainer, traditional Slovene music.  To hear what more modern Slovene music sounds like click on the link below for music from one of Slovenia's most well-known rock/pop bands, Siddharta .

 -  Visit Siddharta's MySpace site to hear contemporary Slovene music of




Prešeren's Day 8 February

(Slovene Culture Day)  Celebrate the sights and sounds of Slovenia

Click on the flag and enjoy the robust Slovene Anthem while you explore Slovenia in picture. Click on the statue below to learn all about France Prešeren  and his contributions.


(Wait for the pictures to load to learn more  about Slovenia)

Read the interesting lyrics of the national Athem



 -  View Jera's photos of the very scenic mountains of Slovenia of

These are pictures that Jera took along the route you find her biking in her mountain home in Slovenia.     Thank you much for sharing Jera!

Picture: of

Thank you for the tour, Jera. The views are absolutely Beautiful! 


 Interactive Map & Additional Info


- Interactive features coming soon! -


Ok, So you want to hear what Slovenian sounds like?  Click on the links to hear some key phrases being spoken by native Slovene speakers.




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