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- Video Welcome to the Philippines -

Frosty says: "... just want to share a video about the Philippines and places that you can go ....i have to use my time so the best way to use my time is passing by UNIKYU ....and sharing something.... hope you all love it.... Philippines has beautiful beaches and a supposedly a paradise to go.... with lots of exotic fruits and several dialects to encounter, I only know 3 dialects out of 109 dialects....so when you go to other islands, you will encounter different dialects....anyway hope you enjoy the video."



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- Only in the Philippines! -

Frosty adds: "...now I am so eager to share another way of transporting Filipino passengers to other places...I don't know if you heard about the jeepneys in the Philippines... I know I can't find any kind of transportation like this in this world except in the Philippines....so I am sharing a story about the JEEPNEY'S Life....they made a song about it...and Lea Salonga sang the song....here is it...."

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