La Habana Havana, Cuba

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Cuba Quick Facts:(1)

Location: Caribbean/N. America
Area: 110,860 sq km
Population: 11,275,000
Capital City: Havana 2,189,000
Language: Spanish
Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Jehovah Witness, Jewish, Santería
Currency: Peso,
Literacy %: 97
Life Expectancy: 76

Celia Cruz - "Her light will shine on in our hearts, forever." Azucar!


Escape with Aria to the very unique Havana and you will see some of the things that makes Cuba stand out from the rest.  Listen...You will hear the most popular Latin musicians serenading Celia Cruz,the revered and beloved icon of Salsa, Cuban music. Do check out the other videos too! And, don't forget to Click on the picture to enjoy Aria's photo tour!

View Gloria Estefan & Marc Anthony's stirring "Mi Tierra"! -  Lyrics
Watch Celia perform "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" (Life Is A Carnival)

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