República de Costa Rica Monteverde, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Quick Facts:(1) Location: Central America
Area: 51,100 sq. km.
Population: 4,331,0000
Capital: San José; 1,085,000
Language: Spanish, English
Religion: Roman Catholic, Evangelical
Currency: Costa Rican colon
Life Expectancy: 79
Literacy %: 96

"First impressions came from the air... lush greenery, beautiful mountains and sparkling beaches. Nature's Playground... We embarked on our adventure: active volcanoes, sulfur fissures, remarkable lava fields, incredible flowers, high canopied primary and secondary tropical forests, strangler fig vines, colourful and exotic birds, poisonous frogs, nocturnal creatures, sensational butterflies, abundant waterfalls, unusual animals, fabulous rock formations, amazingly warm waters and more..."  (PhantieAnn, April 2006) Click on a  picture to join PhantieAnn's adventure! 

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Credits: Photos and video by PhantieAnn. (2006)

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