Long day?      Looking for a little release?      Comic relief might  be just the thing for ya!      Mostly comediennes strutting their stuff.       Click on the court jester to view a video clip, OR... right click and 'save target as' to download.        Enjoy!
  comedy Shorts   from Wisecracks**  
Jenny LeCoat

Maxine Lapiduss

Vintage Ellen

Carrie Snow

Emily Levine

Maria Callous

Faking It Three

Dorothy Hart

Geri Jewell

Jenny Jones

Robin Tyler

Paula Poundstone

Carol Burnett

The Clichettes

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Margaret Cho
Eddie Izzard
Ellen Degeneres
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Backstage Part I - Women in Comedy.  
Backstage  Part II - The Audience and Advice
Backstage  Part III - Sexism in Comedy
  Backstage Part IV - Self Expression
  The Comic Performer defined - Phyllis Diller


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