Pucca's Picks

Wally Lamb
Suggested Reading: Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Testimonies from our Imprisioned Sisters
March 8th 2005 - Right now I'm reading a very interesting book, called 'Couldn't keep it to myself' (or something like that lol...It's in dutch I'm reading it)  by Wally Lamb.     Wally is a man who did some kind of reading course in a prison in York, and the book itself is the short stories that incarcerated women wrote.    Some tell the childhood of the women, others tell how life in prison is, what fears they have...     Defo recommended!!
Emma Donoghue
Suggested Reading: Stir Fry
  It's about an Irish country girl, moving to Dublin so she can go to Uni there.  She ends up renting a room in the apartment of 2 women.  After a while she finds out the 2 women have a relationship, but it's not a very happy one...
Maeve Binchy  - She Rocks!
  I read lotsa books by her - they are all very good! - but my favourite one is Evening Class.
Suggested Reading: Evening Class
  It's about all kinds of different people taking the same evening class, lessons Italian.   Maeve wrote the same parts over and over again, but from the different points of view; every chapter is one member of the class.