Moonstar89's Picks

Karen Joy Fowler
Suggested Reading: The Jane Austen Book Club
   Basically the six people in the book meet up once a month to discuss Jane Austen's novels, and you get an account of each meeting along with a whole bunch of daily incidents and, more often, memories - mostly (but not always) told from the point of view of whoever's turn it is to host the meeting that month.
Well, I'm just reading this book at the moment, and it's...I don't know what attracted me to it.      I wouldn't have picked up another book I thought was written in this sort of style, but oh well...   
Lauren Weisberger
Suggested Reading: The Devil Wears Prada
  It's funny, it has fashion, it has a magazine...basically it's funky. I did this for my English project and it went down like a lead balloon, but I do love the book.   If you like humour but with a whole "girl-seems-to-forget-family-but-sees-error-of-her-ways-and-benefits-from-experience" thing (which I usually do), you'll love it.
Emma Blair
Suggested Reading: Scarlet Ribbons
  It's a historical romance, and a more brilliant one you will not find (according to me of course lol, except maybe another of her books, Maggie Jordan, which is also brilliant).  It doesn't hurt that I believe at least a part of every book by Emma Blair is set in Glasgow.  Scarlet Ribbons takes place mostly in Canada but it does start in Glasgow's tenements.  It's so touching...her family can't support her, etc. and so she goes to an orphanage...ends up in Canada with a beastly pair who make her and the boy who also comes with her do a lot of manual work...eventually through what is usually a bad event she leaves there...falls in love and they go to the UK...*tries not to give too much away* At any rate, it's very sad, and you'll fall in love with Edward and hate the dastardly Courcy until...*grins*