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Joseph Lada Mikesh
Suggested Reading: The Cat (English translation of title)
Arthur Conan Doyle
Suggested Reading: Sherlock Holmes
George Orwell
Suggested Reading: Animal Farm
Alma Karlin
Alma Karlin was from my country.   She considered herself as a German and she was writing mostly in German and English language.    She was eight years in travel that was shortly after the First World War.   In those times it was very unusual for one woman to be traveling alone with no man around.   During her travel, she was among the other things, a translator for the Japanese language at the  English embassy in Tokyo and she was honorary journalist correspondent for a few English and German newspapers.     However, she has had many troubles with collecting her honoraries.    She was almost constantly without any money with constant attacks of fever because of malaria and with lugging about heavy luggage.    Somehow, she managed to return home after eight hard years.   ... ... ...   Gosta Berling recommended her for a Nobel award for literature but Murphy's Law  has important part in Alma's life so it was clear that the Nobel prize was not her destiny.    She lived in her house in Celje with a girlfriend painter.     She died in poverty as a regime enemy.
Suggested Reading: Under the South Sky (English translation of title)
  One of my last readings, which I want to recommend, is Alma Karlin’s Under the south sky book but I am afraid that this book is nonexistent on English language.   It is an interesting travel book.

This is the link for a Sound Art & Experimental Music WS. Travels Together is a radio phonic work on the trail of Alma Maximiliane Karlin (1889 - 1950).

Alma Karlin

Gore Vidal
Suggested Reading: Julian
Robert Graves
Suggested Reading: I, Claudius
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Suggested Reading: Poor People aka Poor Folk
Ivan Goncharov
Suggested Reading: Oblomov
Nikolai Vasilevitch Gogol
Suggested Reading: Dead Souls
Suggested Reading: Plato's Apology
Oscar Wilde
Suggested Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Jack London
Suggested Reading: Martin Eden