Aria's Picks

Liza Cody
Suggested Reading: Bucket Nut
  You'll absolutely fall in love with  'The London Lassasin' or 'Bucket Nut' as she is 'affectionately' called by fans as you are follow her misadventures in Cody's Eva Wylie trilogy:  'Bucket Nut', 'Monkey Wrench' and 'Musclebound'.  Excellent reading these!
Morgan Llywelyn
Suggested Reading: The Wind from Hastings
  A must read.  Powerful historical novel filled with such sharp imagery that the reader is easily transported to time and place.  Loved this story of Norsemen, Anglos and Saxon and the changing times as seen through the eyes of a woman who was daughter, consort, wife and widow of many of the great men of the time.

"This novel is based on the life of Edyth, a grand-daughter of Lady Godiva and the wife of King Harold II, and is written in a narrative text, i.e., a story as told by Edyth. " (Fred Camfield, review

Mary Renault 
Suggested Reading: The Persian Boy
  Last in trilogy that chronicles  the times of Alexander the Great, his travels, worldwide conquests, liaisons and personal relationships as seen through the eyes, travels and trading of a persian boy.  Amazing!
R. F. Delderfield 
Suggested Reading: Give Us This Day
  Wonderful reading about about a family coming into its own around the turn of the century as technology was changing in England (from horse-drawn family vehicle to business motor-cars).

(Ronald Frederick Delderfield), 1912–73, English writer, b. London. He did not start writing novels until he was 44, after having been a successful playwright and newspaperman. His “old-fashioned” novels are long, panoramic, socio-historical studies of life in the English west country. They include God Is an Englishman (1970), Theirs Was the Kingdom (1971), and Give Us This Day (1973), a trilogy. (

Rita Mae Brown 
Suggested Reading: Six of One
  Had a hard time putting this one down once I opened the cover.  Funny, insightful, richly detailed, fun reading.  Highly recommended!  Part 1 of Trilogy.

This hilarious family history of love, war, and sibling rivalry takes place in Runneymede, a place located "smack dab on the Mason Dixon line" with half the town in Maryland, the other half in Pennsylvania. The story of two sisters, Juts and Wheezie, and their mother Cora is told in dated chapters... (Jesse Larsen, reviewer).

Naguib Mahfouz 
Suggested Reading: Palace Walk
  This first book in Mahfouz's 'Cairo Trilogy', winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was recommended to me by a UN Arabic translator who was touched by my interest in things Palestinian, things from his homeland.  I loved this story that I felt opens doors to a world seldom accessed by westerners, a look into the home, loves, trials, daily does, lives of a family living Cairo Egypt.   Informative and highly entertaining!
Thomas B. Costain 
Suggested Reading: The Silver Chalice
  Stories behind the stories of the Bible recommended to me by my mother that immediately caught my interest and kept me entertained from beginning to end.  I definitely would suggest that you add this epic to your reading list.
Maureen O'Donoghue 
Suggested Reading: Winner
  Sure it has been said many times before but Winner is definitely a Winner.  I've re-read this book so many times that the pages now bear the signs of my affection.  Follows the story of Macha from humble traveler beginnings in Ireland, English society and the harsh realities of Wales, through marriage and other conquests and from beginning to end a horse-lover's story.  Have I said before that I really enjoy this well-written, moving, beautiful account of acceptance, growth and triumph?  I truly did and I think you would too.
Celia Brayfield 
Suggested Reading: The Princess
  Loved it!  Prince Richard, the fictional child of Queen Elizabeth II, romances 3 loves, his proper British cousin, the daughter of an American actress and a Jamaican student soon to be legal counsel.  Again... loved it!  Slightly cliche but very enjoyable reading that pokes into all the nooks and crannies of life in UK, USA and JA.
Jeannette Winterson (cool website btw)
Suggested Reading: Written on the Body
  Amazing story told in 1st person narrative style.  Definitely worth the reading for a look at the world from another's perspective.
James A. Michener
Suggested Reading: Journey
  Wonderful story of struggle and survival about men and women who left the UK to seek gold and fortune during the great gold rush in Canada.  Said to be Michener's greatest novel and I agree that is a great read.
Other Favorites (must read!)
  • Beach Music  by Pat Conroy
  • Debbie: My Life by Debbie Reynolds and David Patrick Columbia
  • Lady  by Thomas Tryon
  • Jane Eyre  by Charlotte Bronte
  • Tess of the D'Urbervilles  by Thomas Hardy